English : Introduction

Name of the department                                                :        English

2.         Year of Establishment                                       :        1948

3.         Names of Programmes/Courses offered            :        U.G., P.G. and Ph.D.

4.         Name of Interdisciplinary courses and              :        M.A. (Mass Communication) – Self

            the departments/Units involved                                  Financing Courses.

                                                                                                P.G.D.T., D.C.E., C.T.E. –


5.         Semester / Choice Based Credit System          :        P.G. – Semester mode and  U.G. – Choice Based Credit System

            (Programme wise)                                                      

6.         Participation of the department in the courses  :        Department faculty members are involved in Edusat through which their lectures are telecast for the classes of those institutions situated in inaccessible areas.

7.         Courses in collaboration with other universities ,industries, foreign institutions, etc.                :Language lab. for the students belonging to different regional languages improving their communication skills in collaboration with IIT Roorkee (Resource Person : Prof. Pashupati Jha, HOD, Humanities & Social Sciences, IIT Roorkee)

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  • Uttarakhand, India
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